Redeeming Azure Monetary Credit

ขั้นตอนการ redeem

This Azure Pass offer provides the following:
* $100 USD monthly credit to Microsoft Azure (converted to local currency)
* 1 month duration ( offer details )

1.     Go to . Select your country ( Thailand ) , type in the provided promo code and click “Submit.”

Try Microsoft Azure Pass

2. Sign into a Microsoft account* to continue. If you have an account password saved or you automatically sign into other Microsoft services that Microsoft account will be used to redeem the promo code.

* Microsoft account is the combination of an email address and a password (,, )  that you use to sign in to services like, OneDrive, Windows Phone, or Xbox LIVE.  Please don’t use organizational account with Office 365, Intune, CRM Online, or any of these supported services.

If you don’t have Microsoft Account yet or prefer to use your Gmail as Microsoft Account , you can create new one from

Try Microsoft Azure Pass

3.     Fill out the remaining information and click “Submit.”

Try Microsoft Azure Pass

4.     Review the Azure Pass offer and click “Activate.”

Try Microsoft Azure Pass

5.     Fill out the rest of the required information and click “Sign up.”

Try Microsoft Azure Pass


6.     The subscription will take 2-4 minutes to activate.
Try Microsoft Azure Pass

Try Microsoft Azure Pass


7.     Once activated, you can click on “Start managing my service ” then the system will redirect you to the portal page ( )
Try Microsoft Azure Pass

Try Microsoft Azure Pass


And you can find “available credit” from portal like this.

Microsoft Azure Portal

( subscription –> … –> Manage )

Summary for Azure Pass


Notes about Monetary Credit

*Accounts are activated within minutes of the promo code being redeemed
*Users can view the cost of account usage
*User can enable public preview features
*Users can enter a payment instrument to enable usage beyond the monetary credit amount provided
*If you remove the monetary cap by providing a payment instrument, you will be converted to a “Pay-as-you-go” account at the end of the offer duration.
**If the account has expired you will need to create a support ticket to enable conversion.
*Accounts cannot be extended – the duration and monetary credit amount cannot be changed
*Only one promo code can be redeemed per the life of a Microsoft account (LiveID,, … )
**Users who have used an Azure Trial can redeem a promo code. Users are able to redeem one trial and one promo code per account.
**If a user has already redeemed a promo code, he/she will need to create a new Microsoft account.
*Monetary credit can’t be used toward third party services, support or Azure Store

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